Adopting a Minimilistic Lifestyle
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In the century of technology being a superpower, we as humans have always tried to develop in something or the other in every possible way. As we grow, we have almost forgotten how to live a healthy lifestyle, especially a minimalistic lifestyle. Here arises the question: What is minimalism, and how can we adopt it in our lives? Before answering this, we need to know the actual meaning of minimalism.

Minimalism is the process of adopting oneself to fewer possessions in life, focusing on what is actually necessary. This leads to less distraction and can be a key to leading a healthy and happy life if used wisely.

Adapting to a minimalistic lifestyle can be the right choice, but it is not that tough if we are well determined. This is actually helpful for people with cluttered and overwhelmed busy minds and helps get rid of it.

There are many ways to implement a minimalistic lifestyle in our life, but I would like to list some of them which are very helpful and have impacted my personal life as well.

Decluttering your workspace

Imagine you are about to start something productive, and your desk is all unorganized with unnecessary stuff. Will you be able to start your work in such a place? This happened to me as well whenever I sat to study at my desk.

To overcome these problems, start your work after organizing your personal space. Remember, minimalism is not getting rid of your possessions. It’s about keeping the important ones. Put away all the things you don’t need, like some type of decor or any other thing you don’t want or need at that moment. Also, I prefer a quick cleanup so that it looks clean.

A simple wardrobe

Earlier, whenever I used to open my closet, I would see a huge pile of clothes scattered all over the ground. This happens with most of us. We don’t wear all of them and keep on buying more and more. To avoid this, I came up with a master plan by donating my clothes, whichever I don’t or can’t wear, and now my wardrobe is much better than it was earlier. You can use this idea too. It also saves the environment, space, and helps the needy ones. During some special occasions, you can also rent clothes instead of buying another one just for a day.


  • It helps spend less time choosing or deciding.
  • It reduces stress and is good for the environment.
  • Makes it easier to clean.
  • It is very productive.
  • Focuses on reusing things as much as possible.
  • Sets an example for others.

“The less you own, the less owns you.”

Written By

Krishangi Das

Student of Rongghor-The School of Happiness