The School of Happiness

Rongghor is an open school that complements formal education with a core belief in children’s happiness as a precursor to success.


“Decades of research have shown that happiness is not the outcome of success but rather its precursor.”

– The Happiness Track, Emma Seppälä

"Take only memories, leave only footprints."
Village tour, July 2022.
"We tell ourselves stories in order to live."
Storytelling sessions.
“The beauty is not in the colors, but in their harmony.”
Photography workshop, July 2022.
"Elementary, my dear Watson."
Movie screening.
"Everything you can imagine is real."
Independence day exhibition, 2022.
"Know thyself."
Parents meet, 2022.
"So many books, so little time."

School library.

"The bonfire is calling and I must go."

What do you talk about in winter?

"Where there is cake, there is hope."

Here's to celebrating the differences.

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We’re on a mission…

In a country where the Vedas and Upanishads were once the main source of textbooks and the values ​​of life were taught in gurukuls, childhood is being robbed in the name of education. Today’s overwhelmingly large education system has taken a toll on children, while ignoring life’s most essential skills and lessons. At such a juncture, Rongghor is on a mission to revive the old principles of imparting education, while keeping the children happy and motivated.

A brain well-formed is better than 20 brains well-filled.

Our courses & activities


Yoga, meditation & spirituality

Improves physical fitness, reduces stress, develops peaceful state of mind, and builds self-awareness.



Develops memory, concentration,
motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and improves quick decision making skills.



Improves concentration, memory, tactics, logical thinking, and develops the ability to think ahead. 


Computer programming

Greatly improves problem solving and thinking skills: logical, critical, algorithmic and creative.


Personality development

Develops confidence, communication skills, leadership qualities and teaches the art of persuasion.


Fine art

Drawing promotes children’s creativity, imagination, and self-expression, fostering essential cognitive and fine motor skill development.



Dancing benefits kids by enhancing coordination, balance, and flexibility while encouraging physical activity in an enjoyable and expressive way.


Financial education

Financial education for kids instills crucial money management skills, fostering responsible spending habits and a sense of financial literacy from an early age.


Group activities

Develops communication skills,
self-esteem, leadership qualities, teaches empathy and encouragement.

Practical Financial Education.

Rongghor Samriddhi project, in collaboration with UCO Bank, is an initiative to teach children the importance of savings in life. It seeks to motivate children to save up, one coin at a time.


To share. Connect. Create. Inspire.

Sadness of losing childhood

Sadness of losing childhood

Everyone loves their childhood and how cool  was that. We have no pressure of studies, what you want you can do freely, you can play any time. And whenever our summer vacation starts maternal grand parents are ready to welcome us. Did you remember the grandmothers...

Time and The Vedas

Time and The Vedas

श्रीभगवानुवाच |कालोऽस्मि लोकक्षयकृत्प्रवृद्धोलोकान्समाहर्तुमिह प्रवृत्त: |ऋतेऽपि त्वां न भविष्यन्ति सर्वेयेऽवस्थिता: प्रत्यनीकेषु योधा: || 32|| The supreme lord said: Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and have come here to destroy all people. With the...

Do not criticise your porblems

Do not criticise your porblems

Each one of us come across problems in our lives. Some might be big, some might be small. They are a part of our lives and only handful of people know how to deal it. Why is it so? .This is only because we humans complain about our problem we face and criticise...

A Word

From Our Principal

How many of us tell our children to love the beautiful moon in the night sky, see the stars that shine at us, listen to the fairy tales sitting next to their grandparents or encourage our children to do what they love doing? These thoughts have lost their importance in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Children have become machines and the joy of childhood, the happiness of life has been lost. Therefore at Rongghor, I am dedicated of teaching students to discover themselves and their passions, while keeping them happy and motivated through good habit formation techniques, increased interest in reading, improvement of physical, mental health and spiritual practices. It is our responsibility to make childhood enjoyable. We look forward to your help in this journey.”

– Yogabid Hariprasad Talukdar