Do not criticise your porblems
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Each one of us come across problems in our lives. Some might be big, some might be small. They are a part of our lives and only handful of people know how to deal it. Why is it so? .This is only because we humans complain about our problem we face and criticise ourselves. This can lead to depression and we cannot move ahead in life. Is there any point in complaining about situations you can never change? I think it is nothing else but wastage of time. This is a common habit in every one and in me as well but I learnt to change myself. Lord Buddha believed that life is full of never ending miseries and problems and this saying is much relevant in the modern world as well. Sitting and complaining is not the solution. Instead we should at least take out some time for us and try to ask ourselves one question ‘Will my situation get better after complaining or will it become more worse?’.

Lord Krishna himself said, “I was born in a jail. Before I was born my own maternal uncle planned to kill me. After birth I was separated from my mother and the place where I grew up had multiple challenges for me every single day where I had to fight demons all throughout my childhood. When I had to leave the place, people cursed me and threw stones on me calling me a ‘BHAGORA’ or coward. During the battle of MAHABHARATA when pandavas won I was accused for killing billions of people, so I am in worse times than you but I am not complaining for it.”

Written By

Krishangi Das

Student of Rongghor-The School of Happiness