Life in a Long Run
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Materialism is the need or desire to achieve material things. Man has always desired to achieve something in life especially material wealth like money, fame, etc.Gautama Buddha himself said that the desires of men are never ending and if he fulfils one another desire is born. He termed the thirst for materialistic things as tanha. People around us spend their money prodigally on things just to impress someone. Physiological researches have proved about this many times. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best luxuries in life. To some degree, a lot of us partake in consumer culture and value tangible possessions, and that’s perfectly fine. But, they should never be what you orient your life’s goals around and be your driving force. Materialism is a slippery and desperate path that leads to apathy, hopelessness, anxiety, and depression, ushering in negative impacts on well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life.

Greed also plays a role here as is the main villain provoking you to go for material desires. On a research article posted by Patricia K. Flanigan clearly stated a few factors that makes someone greedy over things. There were many cases on the article but one of them that is applicable in the world now is lack of awareness.

It may be challenging to recognise ones patterns or behaviours particularly those that are more harmful. The solution is cultivation of mindfulness and self recognition By cultivating empathy, learning to appreciate what we have, and focusing on more important things like relationships and personal growth, we can break free from the cycle of greed and live more fulfilling lives.

Some verses of the Bhagavad Gita, discourses on the material life and the greedy desires of man.

Bhagwad Gita(16.09)deems the materialistic worldview destructive.

Chapter 2 sloka 71 –विहाय कामान्य: सर्वान्पुमांश्चरति नि:स्पृह: |
निर्ममो निरहङ्कार:  शान्तिमधिगच्छति || 71||

That individual attains perfect peace who gives up all material desires for the sense gratification and lives free from a sense of greed, proprietorship, and egoism.

Written By

Krishangi Das

Student of Rongghor-The School of Happiness