Sadness of losing childhood
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sadness of losing childhood
Everyone loves their childhood and how cool  was that. We have no pressure of studies, what you want you can do freely, you can play any time. And whenever our summer vacation starts maternal grand parents are ready to welcome us. Did you remember the grandmothers secret savings for us, the cricket players of neighbor in the most important part grandmother and mom’s gossip. Although, Had you notice when ever be go to their we  brought one or two bags but when we came to our house to my mother like she would brought the house .how pretty memory was that ,
Although, when winter vacation starts our neighborhood players are ready to play cricket. They start their shopping for arrangements of the gully cricket . At the morning we went for cycle ride at  5 to 6 am in those days and came to home at 7am. Then our  lady means our mother told with an angry eyes to study for 2 hours . These 2 hours never felt  like 2hours to us, it seemed liked 24 hours to us. But when our mother brought tea and parathas for us, we feel as if the doors of heaven have opened. When we eat it by dipping a piece of paratha in tea, we don’t get any grater peace than that any where in life but now comes the main part. When our mother tells us to recite the all tables , at that moment we remember all our great  grandparent  and grandparents. Those minutes feel like hours . Whenever we forgot the table, our best buddy  means our dad always came at the right time . God knows how it possible.
Have you noticed when we are kids we wanted the teenage life . But when we reach teenage we want our childhood back .But today’s kids only watched mobile . How are they lucky ?They have thousands of options to do .But from the young age they start to watch mobile. Even  todays parents are also like this whenever their babies start crying they first give them the mobile .Please stop watching mobile . You have many options to do .
Today, I’m  feeling angry and sad for losing the childhood . I miss my childhood very much. That’s all for today .

Written By

Kritika Deka

Student of Rongghor-The School of Happiness